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• Free Property waste analysis and assessment.
• On-site recurrent service clean up.
• Oversize, bulk and large item pick-up.
• Trash enclosure pressure wash.
• Chute room clean up and maintenance.
• General maintenance and repair services.
• Recycling programs.

• Trash Chute pressure washing.
• Christmas trees recycle and removal (seasonal).
• Trash Chute maintenance, inspection and repair.
• Trash compactor maintenance and repairs.
• Trash enclosure automated odor control service
• HOA Janitorial services. (Pool areas and around the

Free Property waste analysis and assessment

Most of apartment managements and HOA’s overpay on their trash services and since there is no intention to help, haulers continue with providing their services. We have been helping customers  to save to  25-40 % on their monthly trash cost in most cases.

Our goal is help you to save money on your current process, create a safe environment and keep your community  clean and enjoyable for your residents.

Our team will be on your community location to perform an audit and detailed analysis of all your trash activities, included; property size, quantity of enclosures, trash bins inventory, current hauler trash collections days, trash bins levels, etc., to determine the areas of opportunity where we can help you to change or implement new cost  reductions of your current services. We will provide a detailed report of saving recommendations, potential changes and consolidation of your  current services to reduce your cost. All this at not cost to you by our free property waste analysis and assessment.

On-site recurrent service clean up

On-site recurrent service clean up offers a scheduled enclosure clean up by one of our technician.  This service is designed to keep your enclosures clean and free of trash debris as our technician will sweep, sort and pick up any misplaced item in the correct bin. Report any missing hauler pick up and practice of visual inspect of all your enclosure, equipment, compactors, doors, shuts etc. and to report any issues or corrective actions to you immediately. Most of our customers loves this service because by using our service they can allocate their maintenance personnel to focused on other activities instead. We take control of  bulky items in this area, as our team will performance a weekly pick up of any oversized items left by you residents, helping  to keep your trash enclosures clean, safe and free of odors.

Benefits of our on-site recurrent service clean up

• Consolidate and reduce the recurring trash cost to your community.
• Create a clean and safe environment for your residents.
•  Help to accomplish your recycling goals. 
•  Effective communication with haulers.
•  Improves your community appearance.
•  Reduce administrative cost.
• Consolidate trash expenses on a single vendor.
• Create custom on-site waste management program.

"No waste control service" "Planet waste control on-site service"



Oversize, bulk and large item pick-up

We understand residents many times dispose large items that are too large that they won’t fit your trash containers, don’t worry we will take care of them as our service will include a once a week bulky items removal from your property at free of charge. We know you are busy and don’t have the time to deal with these large appliances, furniture, mattresses, so we can eliminate that from your list of junk removal service expense. Please ask about all other bulky and junk removal service we can offer to you.

Trash enclosure pressure wash

It's crucial to regularly power wash and steam clean trash enclosures for a number of reasons. It not only helps to preserve the property's aesthetics but also gets rid of any bad odors. If you don't frequently clean your trash rooms, odors and stains can permeate into the concrete, and dirt and grime can settle onto outside surfaces permanently. Pressure wash can also help to stop the accumulation of bacteria and other dangerous materials that could endanger the health of both humans and animals.
Everyone may enjoy a safer and healthier environment if trash enclosures are cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis. We use environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and Eco-friendly process to provide a reasonably priced steam cleaning and power washing services for trash enclosures.

Chute room clean up and maintenance

Odors from the trash room are an annoyance to residents, employees, and property managers alike. Unpleasant odors not only spread quickly throughout the building, but they can also draw pests. One easy preventive measure that might help you avoid difficulties down the road is to keep your trash room clean and odor-free. Our service technicians will clean and mop floors, chute doors, handles and we only use 100% environmentally safe and biodegradable cleaning products. They will move trash and recyclables to the trash and recycle bins and check for and report malfunctioning or broken equipment, such as latches, hydraulic door closers, room doors and handles.

General maintenance and repair services

We offer to our customers a large variety of maintenance and repair services that can help to make your life easier, since we help to take care of any maintenance problems you find on your way on regular bases. Our services may consist of, but are not restricted to, door lock replacement, small paint touch up, trash room door repairs, drywall patch, door handle replacement, latch and closer repairs and any other regular maintenance need you may have. Our customers can count on our reliable and experienced maintenance team members.


Recycling programs

As part of our trash control programs, Pla-Net can assist you to create a recycle program and guide you on following green initiatives that reduce the quantity of garbage dumped in landfills. We can help you having our technicians sort and collect the appropriate recycle materials in the correct recycle bin as well as separating and properly collect and dispose other recycle materials, such as e-waste, paints, batteries etc. We can help to comply with the new recycle regulations in your city and county

Trash Chute maintenance, inspection and repair

A proper maintenance schedule could prevent many chute repairs or malfunctions. Although  chutes are incredibly resilient, preventive maintenance is the key to prolong the life of your equipment, stay in compliance and reduce the high cost of repairs and downtime.

We offers to our customers trash chute preventive maintenance programs, repairs, and parts:

Preventive Maintenance:
·Quarterly maintenance programs.
·Review all operating parts of the chute.
·Check and adjust chute doors as needed.
·Lubricate all moving parts.
·Clean grease and dirt form doors.
·Test fusible link for proper functioning
·Test and check discharge for proper operation.

·UL-rated chute room self-close doors
·Self-close latches.
·T and L door handles.
·Gas door closers
·Hydraulic door closers.
·Latch bolts.
·Fire rated discharge chute doors.
·Fusible Links

Trash compactor maintenance and repairs

Compactors are essential pieces of machinery that are used to lower waste volumes, boost productivity, and create cleaner environments. However, disregarding maintenance increases the danger of safety hazards, shorter lifespans, lower productivity, and more repair costs for your property commercial trash compactors.

To reduce the amount of repairs needed, the majority of appliances require routine maintenance. This also applies to trash compactors. You may relax knowing that  Pla-Net  is always there to offer a trash compactor repair service you require when these issues arise. We offer our customers same day repair service as needed along with a quarterly recurrent preventive maintenance services programs to keep your equipment up and running.

Trash enclosure automated odor control service

The problem caused by the accumulation of trash and trash debris at collection enclosures may lead to many problems. Garbage odors are not limited to the spaces where they are collected; they also seep through doors and into corridors, ventilation ducts, lobby areas and resident’s apartments. These smells are very disagreeable, but they pose no threat to people, but flies and rats drawn to the decaying trash present serious health risks to people.

Trash rooms odors can be caused by a variety of very unpleasant factors, and they can damage a company's reputation with customers, tenants, prospective customers, and anyone else you want to make sure stays happy, healthy, and away from bad odors.

We offer to our customers a variety of odor control systems and products that can help to keep your community free of these bad odors and offer to your residents and pets a clean and safe environment. Please let us know if you need a free demonstration of our services.

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